Addressing Legal And Regulatory Barriers To Testing

The OptTEST legal & regulatory barriers toolkit is of use to anyone who wants to dismantle such barriers in their own country. The toolkit takes a 'pick and mix' approach, enabling users to take what they need without wading through an enormous pdf. A series of case studies illustrates how activists, clinicians and other alliances took down specific barriers to HIV testing and treatment in their countries. Tip sheets show how to go about implementing these ideas, or your own, within your country setting. Slide sets support presentations about the importance of identifying and mitigating barriers, to enable alliances and discussion. Each piece of the toolkit is separately downloadable and the ideas within them adaptable to differing country circumstances and the original materials are accompanied by a critical reading list which points the reader to many more existing resources online, with short explanations of their usefulness.

  1. Simple principles for effective campaigning.
  2. Constructing and comparing your continuum of care - In Russian.
  3. How to do a simple, quick, low cost survey of an issue?
  4. Getting the evidence for policy changes - In Russian.
  5. Building alliances between community, clinicians and public health.
  6. Presenting the case to decision-makers and politicians - In Russian
  7. Influencing at conferences and other events.
  8. Preparing for a meeting with a Government Minister or high level official - In Russian.
  9. What can we do when politicians ignore the evidence? - In Russian.
Key documents and web resources in arguing for improving or removing laws & regulations which hinder access to HIV testing and/or treatment.