Presentations & Posters


J del Amo. Coste-efectividad de la realización de la prueba de VIH en atención primaria en España, XVIII National Congress on AIDS and STIs, Sevilla, 22-24 March 2017 [Presentation]

A Sullivan. Improving Practice in Health Care Settings [Plenary presentation], EU Health Programme Projects' Symposium, Malta, January 2017 

S Croxford et al. Factors for delayed linkage to care following HIV diagnosis in the WHO European Region [Plenary presentation & Poster], HepHIV 2017 Conference, Malta, January 2017

V Delpech. Test and link to care: How do we measure our success? [Plenary presentation], HepHIV 2017 Conference, Malta, January 2017

V Hernando et al. Review of specialty guidelines on HIV testing recommendations for HIV indicator conditions in Spain [Poster], HepHIV 2017 Conference, Malta, January 2017

R Lugo et al. HIV Testing Improvement in Primary Care Through OptTEST's Indicator Condition-Guided Testing: The Tool-1 and Plan-Do-Study-Act Experience in Catalonia, 2016 [Poster], HepHIV 2017 Conference, Malta, January 2017

L Power et al. Barring the Way to Health: How Legal & Regulatory Barriers are Hindering Modernising HIV Testing across Europe [Oral Presentation and poster], HepHIV 2017 Conference, Malta, January 2017

K Rüütel & L Lemsalu. Monitoring implementation of HIV-testing guidelines in Estonia [Oral Presentation and Poster], HepHIV 2017 Conference, Malta, January 2017

K Rüütel & L Lemsalu. Indicator condition-guided HIV testing in Estonia [Poster], HepHIV 2017 Conference, Malta, January 2017

A Sullivan. Indicator Condition Guided HIV testing - progress and challenges [Plenary presentation], HepHIV 2017 Conference, Malta, January 2017

Y Yazdanpanah. Cost-effectiveness of HIV testing: frequency and target groups [Plenary presentation], HepHIV 2017 Conference, Malta, January 2017


L Power et al. Ways in which Legal and regulatory barriers hinder the HIV care continuum and the 90/90/90 goals across Europe [Poster], HIV Drug Therapy, Glasgow, October 2016 

L Lemsalu et al. Changes in quality of life of PLHIV in Estonia from 2003 to 2015 [Poster], IAS, Durban July 2016.

L Power. Testing in Europe. What's hindering and what's helping? [Presentation], EATG/AVAC 2nd HIV Prevention Summit, Brussels, January 2016


S Croxford et al. Linkage to Care Following HIV Diagnosis in Europe: A Review of the Literature [Poster], EACS Conference, Barcelona, October 2015

L Lemsalu et al. Direct Costs of HIV/AIDS Care in Estonia [Poster], EACS Conference, Barcelona, October 2015

E Lord et al. Evaluation of HIV Testing Recommendations In Specialty Guidelines for the Management of HIV Indicator Conditions [Poster], EACS Conference, Barcelona, October 2015

C Rae et al. Healthcare Related Costs of Missed Opportunities for HIV Diagnosis: A Potential Driver to Increase Indicator Condition Guided HIV Testing [Poster], EACS Conference, Barcelona, October 2015

Y Rivero-Montesdeoca et al. Impact of Decentralized Drug Purchase on Antiretroviral Treatment Costs in Spain [Poster], EACS Conference, Barcelona, October 2015

A Sullivan. Optimising Testing and Linkage to care for HIV across Europe: OptTEST [Presentation], AIDSImpact, Amsterdam, July 2015

Y Rivero-Montesdeoca. Reducing HIV unknown cases in Spain [Presentation], Liverpool 2015


A Diaz. La cascada del tratamiento en España: primeras estimaciones [Poster], GeSIDA, Malaga, November 2014

Y Rivero-Montesdeoca et al. Estudio de coste-efectividad de la oferta sistemática y voluntaria de la prueba de VIH en Atención Primaria en España: metodología y desarrollo [Poster], GeSIDA, Malaga, November 2014

J Lazarus. OptTEST by HIV in Europe Optimising testing and linkage to care for HIV across Europe [Presentation], EU HIV Cluster Meeting - How can the EU support improvement on HIV prevention? Athens, Hellenic Pasteur Institute - 12-13 June 2014