Advisory board

The OptTEST Advisory Board consists of members from the HIV in Europe Steering Committee, representatives from international health organisations and other on-going EU co-funded actions.

This broad group of experts working in the HIV/AIDS field participates in the annual OptTEST meetings to discuss project activities, progress and challenges. Based on their individual expertise and/or organisational anchoring, these experts are consulted in relation to specific themes of interest, scientific and methodological challenges, and their networks used for dissemination purposes.

Members of the OptTEST Advisory board

Cinthia Menel-Lemos (Project Officer Chafea)

Andrew Amato (ECDC)

Jordi Casabona (EURO HIVEDAT)    

Martin Donoghoe (WHO Europe)  

Jeff Lazarus (HIV in Europe Steering Committee) 

Luís Mendão (Civil Society Forum)    

Eberhard Schatz (Correlation network)     

Matthias Wentzlaff-Eggebert (HIV Prevention QI/QA)     

Massimo Mirandola (SIALON II)

Nikos Dedes (HiE Steering Committee)
Brian West (co-Chair HIV in Europe Steering committee)